Achieve your aims

Return your investment

Receive a cost effective and scalable solution within the given deadline

You have a concept how to enhance your company performance by technology innovation – let us help you achieve it. You need to manage/optimize/report valuable resources, better organize and settle business processes, save work time for your employees – Data Prim is the right partner for you. We will follow your ideas and convert it into a reliable software system with solid logical and technical background. We can actualize the specific requirements for your business.

During the development process we follow the practices - frequent releases, regular process reports, continuous integration and adaptation to change.

“We value simple design, usability, widespread unit tests and clear documentation.”


Real time data

Coordination with less human power

Higher performance, increased flexibility and reduced business cycle times

Integrity of company business processes, collaboration with external partners, suppliers and clients is a challenge worth facing. If business logic is spread in different applications, it is where technology can bring real value.

Data Prim has an extended experience with integrating different software applications both within company walls and between partners companies.

Data Prim will research all possible ways of integrating the systems that need to communicate, suggest custom decisions, so you achieve consolidated view of your business and consistency of processes and data.


Materials for custom trainings

Trainings on-site or in our facility

Microsoft Certified Trainer to lead courses, organized by leading Microsoft Partners

Data Prim can offer you IT Trainings for .NET Development and MS SQL Server.

Krasimir Parushev is one of the leading trainers in the field in Bulgaria and is valued by Learning Microsoft Partners and corporate clients.

His in-depth expertise, excellent presentational skills and direct approach to the students helps them get the knowledge they need, clarify technical questions and be highly satisfied with the training.


Upgrade and migration

Emergent problem solving in critical situations

Proficient configuration and deployment of your MS SQL Server database

Data is one of the most valuable assets in enterprises and thus it needs accurate management. Data Prim can be your partner through all the process of initial database setting to complicated reports, support or troubleshooting. Our consultants hold diverse certificates in Microsoft Data Platform Field.

You can trust us for “health check” audit – performance optimization and security management, business analytics – elaborate reports and rich visualizations and defining automated backup schedules and recovery schemas


Fluent communication

Subcontracting for technical companies

Project-based nearshoring for enterprises

At Data Prim we are confident in suggesting two ways to undertake work for your organization. The highlights of both approaches are:

Nearshoring for enterprises

Project-based or based on a defined consulting task

Skilled and certified developers with an experienced team leader

Transparent development

Flexible and willing to follow your working methodology

Lasting relationship under clear terms

Subcontracting to technical firms

Incorporate in existing team for tasks of our competence

Expand your resources without long term commitment

In-time and by-definition supply


Quick reaction

Reasonable prices